Eugénie is an Australian-qualified lawyer that has worked within the corporate, legal and technology industries for more than five years. Her high-calibre network and experience within these fields extend globally; from the United Kingdom and Ireland, the United States to Asia and Emerging Markets, including Australia and New Zealand. 

Eugénie recognises the need for individuals and organisations alike to have the confidence in knowing they are protected and covered across all legal and regulatory issues. Using the most advanced and trusted legal technology and maintained legal research digest, her global legal network, and also her experience, Eugénie is well-placed to give astute legal advice. Her value for truth and justice prevails ensuring that her clients always have the best access to justice.

​​In today’s rapidly evolving markets it is imperative to remain aligned with your core business and personal values, though remaining agile and providing value. To assist; Eugénie builds seamless processes and introduces strategies that provide your business with the foundation to maximise efficiencies, profitability, and credibility. Eugénie has a strong aptitude in recognising gaps within your market and your business; and presents optimal solutions that strongly support your business vision.

Furthermore, she recreates and expands upon the business and consumer relationship through recognising the forgotten interpersonal business and consumer connection, whilst integrating traditional business theory with technology.

Eugénie lives by her fundamental personal and business ‘Core Values’:

  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Professionalism 
  • Growth and Innovation


“I aim to foster change in the legal industry, delivering you a fresh and trustworthy service that cuts out the stereotypical rigidity of the industry whilst remaining loyal to the Rule of Law.”

Foreign-qualified lawyer

2.5 Years Legal Industry Experience

12 Years Customer Service Experience

5 Years Technology Industry Experience

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